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Leslie Greenfield, Cake Artist, and Owner of Leslie's Cakes

Art, Design, Cakes, and Superb Customer Service, are all passions of mine!
I have been blessed with natural cake decorating talent.

Continuing to improve and grow while enjoying every day to it's fullest is a must for me! To be lost in a world full of cake possibilities, challenges, and satisfaction, is where I love to be. This is my dream....to be able to do what I truly love every day, and spread the joy from my creations to others. My dream of a successful cake business comes true more and more every day!
It's taken a lot of focus, trial and error, hard work, forthought, sacrifice, patience, prayers, angels and more.... But, now, finally I've decided it is the right time to introduce Leslie's Cakes to the world!
Something this good should be shared!


I've always been into all kinds of art and design since I was very young. I would dive right into anything to create with my hands and admire with my "right side" of my brain!
I couldn't get enough of the visual arts, theatre arts, culinary arts, all through out my growing years. This included such experiences like sculpting, painting, scenery and set design, costume design, floral design, and of course cake decorating and design.

Thanks to my mom bringing my sister and I to a Michaels cake decorating class (just for fun) when I was just fourteen years old, I discovered my natural gift and love for cake decorating.

From there I took some private lessons to prepare myself for my first professional decorating job at of all places a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Store.
Believe it or not, back then, the cakes at this Baskin Robbins looked better and more classy then many cakes I've seen. I had the privledge of working for the owner that would win the National Award for Best Ice Cream Cake Decorator for Years running. I don't think any Baskin Robbins makes cakes any more like we did back then. They are all machine made now. That job actually gave me a huge sense of pride in producing quality and perfection. It helped lay the foundation for many of my experiences to come.

Since then, all of my jobs have centered on furthering my creative talents, gaining knowledge and expertise in the food service industry, developing and fine tuning my customer service skills, perfecting decorating techniques, and experiencing business ownership, managment, and organization first hand.

I have worked at and been the head decorator of some of the best custom cake shops in Texas that would proudly stand by my work.

Not to mention, being the mother of three wonderful children has helped develop in me the most invaluable focus, strength of character, perserverence, and true sense of joy. THANK YOU to my great husband and my three sweet kids for never letting me forget what's truly important in life, for keeping me "on my toes" and for LOVING MY CAKES!